Arcata Community Forest
Located at: Arcata, CA
Managed by: City of Arcata

Located on the Northern California Coast in Humboldt County, this amazing forest is the home of old growth Redwoods and other huge species that will make your adventure unforgettable. The Arcata Community Forest is full of trails for everyone, whether you are a hiker, biker or even on horseback.

Headwaters Forest Reserve
Located at: Eureka/Fortuna, CA
Managed by: BLM

The Headwaters Forest Reserve is 7,472 acres of public land located 6 miles southeast of Eureka, CA. The reserve is set aside to protect and preserve the ecological and wildlife values in the area, particularly the stands of old-growth redwood that provide habitat for the threatened marbled murrelet, and the stream systems that provide habitat for threatened coho salmon.

King Range National Conservation Area (Paradise Royal)
Located at: Whitethorn, CA
Managed by: BLM

A spectacular meeting of land and sea is certainly the dominant feature of King Range National Conservation Area (NCA). Mountains seem to thrust straight out of the surf, a precipitous rise rarely surpassed on the continental U.S. coastline. King Peak, the highest point at 4,088 feet, is only 3-miles from the ocean.

Runyon Canyon Park
Located at: Los Angeles, CA
Managed by: LA Parks

Runyon Canyon Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles and often shows up on publishers’ lists of best hikes in LA. This 130-acre dog park is located in Hollywood on the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains, providing hikers with a few overlapping loops and great views over Hollywood.